Register a Domain Name in 3 Easy Steps

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If you are thinking of how to register a domain name and juggling around, you’ve come to the right place.

The first step of website development is to register a domain. If you want to start a new online business or start your own blog, the first thing that you need is to develop your website. You need a domain name to share or publish your website. A domain name is your personal or business identification address through which internet users can access your website. Since you need a unique and interesting domain name, we call it the first step of the process.

Registering a domain name is a 3 step process. First, you need to choose the domain registrar. Second, you need to choose the available domain. Third, you need to make a payment.

Step 1: Choose a Domain Registrar

There are various domain registrars available for the domain name registration. The most popular domain registrars are Godaddy,, bluehost etc.

After you choose your domain registrar through which you want to register your domain name, you need to select a domain name.

How to register domain name?

Step 2: Select a Domain Name

Using any of the above domain registrars you can search and see if the domain you are looking for is available or not?

If the domain you are looking for is available, Lucky You!! Make a payment and you are done. If it’s not available find another that is available.

Choosing a domain name is a simple process as well as a challenging one. Your domain name will be your identification and sometimes a brand too, that’ll appear in the website URL. You cannot choose the domain name exactly the same as someone had already registered. Therefore, it must be the unique one. You can check your domain availability through any of the domains.

You can also choose the domain extension according to your business type. Most popular one is .com.

You can choose privacy protection so that your organization or personal information is hidden from the domain detail. If you don’t enable privacy protection, you’ll get a lot of spam and promotions emails and texts on your phone. This is one of the key aspects that you’ll need to think about.

Step 3: Make a Payment (Register domain name)

If the domain that you are looking for is available, the next step is to make a payment. You can also set it to auto-renew so that you don’t need to remember about the renewal each year. You can also set the renewal to manual so that you can renew the domains manually. It’s your choice.

How to register domain name

We hope, now, it’s really an easy process to register a domain name for you. Let us know in the comment section below.



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