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What is ClosersCopy?

ClosersCopy is an AI powered tool that will write compelling marketing, sales copy for you. Using ClosersCopy, you can also create blog posts. Starting from the content research till generating content that will connect your audiences, ClosersCopy has become a benchmark in AI writing era. With endless functionality and user centric approach, it has become one of the best tool for copy writers. We have conducted the ClosersCopy review for you. Please take a look at it and let us know if you’ll have any questions in the comment section below.

ClosersCopy Review

During our ClosersCopy review we’ve found several points that we liked about it and we’ve listed them down below:


  • Distraction free writing: ClosersCopy canvas is designed in such a way that you can create your content without any distraction.
  • Easy to use: ClosersCopy UX is so simple, intuitive and amazing that you will be able to get the desired content copy within a fraction of minutes.
  • Color mode: You can select the dark and light mode according to your preference.
  • Easy formatting: You can format your content just like in a word document. You will immediately identify the formatting tools and use them quickly.

closerscopy review


  • Hand-picked Templates: ClosersCopy allows you to pick the proven templates to write copy without much efforts.
  • Quality content: ClosersCopy offers you the endless benefits and generates the content that will add value to what you are doing. The content is sales oriented, it’ll connect with your audiences.
  • Analysis: ClosersCopy has the feature to analyze your content and update it accordingly. You can also add impactful words in your copy with just one click. Those impactful power words will definitely help you creating competition crushing content copy.

closerscopy lifetime deal


  • Time saver: This is one of the most important factors you will notice while using ClosersCopy. You can create a powerful blog or a copy within less than 10 minutes.
  • Structure: All of your articles will be inside a project and this Project -> Article structure will help you organize your content according to your projects.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: You can use keyboard shortcuts to complete your project faster.

closerscopy lifetime deal

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  • Professional Lifetime: $217 One time. This ClosersCopy lifetime deal does not include the team feature and future innovation.
  • Unlimited Lifetime: $347 One time. This ClosersCopy lifetime deal includes all the future innovation and the team feature.

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What needs to be improved?

Well, Nico and his team are desperately working on this tool to make it better every day. During our ClosersCopy review process, there were few features added and improved. We were quite surprised this level of attribution towards the user requests. This level of dedication towards the usability and feature requests, we definitely have some good vibes that they’ll be improving a lot of stuffs in no time. Nico is one step ahead in surprising you and we respect this fact. We found only one thing that needs to be improved:

  • Sometimes it’s adding the content that is beyond the scope. We understand the fact that the AI engine will learn various stuffs over time their learning curve can be improved.

Closerscopy ReVIEW

ClosersCopy Feature Review

  • Compete: Analyze a specific keyword or a web URL using the compete feature. You will get the information on the outline being used on those top articles, statistics on the keywords, questions inside the article and statistics of data being used inside the article.
  • Compose: Compose the first draft by just adding your query. It’ll help you generating the outline and then the content for the selected outline.
  • Frameworks: Input a few words and the AI powered framework will write appealing Ads, posts, Call to Action, reviews and many more. Lately ClosersCopy has added the community frameworks and you can use the framework shared by the community.
  • Longform: Write an open-ended sentence and the ClosersCopy AI will write the continuous longform content. You can use this to create blogs and posts using htis feature.
  • Insights: ClosersCopy allows you to unveil the emotions of the content, spam level, active and passive levels and many more. This will help you on how you would like to deliver the content to your lovely audiences. With this feature, you can identify the weakness inside your content and improve them.
  • Wizards: If you love creating content copy with a guidance, this feature is supremely amazing and ClosersCopy will guide you with the amazing and curated templates. More often, this will be handful if you are creating direct response copy.
  • Libraries: You can find the collection of the templates within the libraries and use it accordingly. From within the libraries you can use thesaurus to find synonyms and antonyms of a particular word. The library also consists of the power words that you can select and add to your article.
  • Multilanguage: ClosersCopy AI works with 24 Languages: Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (BR), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish & Swedish.
  • Collaboration: You can invite your team member to help you grow your copywriting business. ClosersCopy allows you to setup your own team and let them create audience driven sales copies, marketing copies and many more.


During our ClosersCopy review process, we found this tool quite useful. Since there is a ClosersCopy lifetime deal and 30 day money back guarantee, you can try this software. As we review this tool, we found that it’s worth investing that bunch of amount. We hope you’ll get more values in the future. Even though there were certain niche where we had to work a little more to get the valuable content but that’s fine. Another point that we’ve noticed is the style of input. If we provide the input in a smart way, the tool will generate more engaging and valuable content. But still you’ll have to adjust various stuffs manually to create audience engaging content.

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What is ClosersCopy? ClosersCopy is an AI powered tool that will write compelling marketing, sales copy for you. Using ClosersCopy, you can also create blog posts. Starting from the content research till generating content that will connect your audiences, ClosersCopy has become a benchmark in...ClosersCopy Honest Review | Get up to 27% OFF on Unlimited Plan (Limited Time Only)